Virtual Barbershop

Here’s a bit of something that was sitting in my bookmarks from last year that may become particularly relevant in the development of our next game.

Virtual Barbershop. If you don’t try it out with headphones on, I will be upset.

> Mike


Thank you. Everyone.

Honestly, I’m not sure how to thank every one of you 28,758 people who have played our game so far on kongregate or however many people have played over on jayisgames.  All the feedback we’ve gotten has been much appreciated and what we’ve learned will be funneled into our next project.  For three random dudes to get together, make something and have other people all over play/discuss/like/hate it … is fantastic.  Even when that something is a rough, first attempt.

As for more specifics thanks: Greg Weir for responding to a random email, playing our game and posting about it on his blog.  Cassandra and Tim for posting about it on indiegames and gamesetwatch respectively.  Tricky for reviewing it on jayisgames.  And everyone else that I missed who posted, tweeted, liked or otherwise mentioned the game!

And of course, eternal gratitude to family and friends for the support!

Thank you!


We started working on a new concept for a game in Unity that’s a bit more ambitious than Convergence…which requires a shift from pixel placement to vertex placement and materials and lighting and a third dimension.  Saying any more might scare the project away.

On an unrelated note.  s&s ep is epic.  It’s been a while since I played it, but with the recent-ish iPhone release, I felt compelled to link it.  My complaint would be they created a world rather than a story, so emotional impact of the narrative fell short for me.  BUT that audio-visual mashup of a world they created is so alive and lush on the iPad.  Recommend X 30428409.

> Mike