Screenshot Saturday 7/9/11 [Untitled Game]

Alrighty.  Another ‘cheap’ screenshot mocked up in, but next week we will have started the engine.  Even cheaper when you consider that all I did was play with shape/color of last week’s screenshot…  Some strange proportions and such both internally to each figure and when you compare them to each other.  But I think that it better articulates the geometric idea of what I’m thinking.





Screenshot Saturday 7/2/11 [Untitled Game]

So, as promised (but about an hour late).

‘Screenshot’ Saturday.  Technically…a hasty ‘drawing’ done in Paint.NET, but it’s the thought that counts? Right? Right?  Anyway, we just vaguely picked an art style and vaguely picked a mechanic.  The only bit that’s not vague is the content: