We just finished* our first game, Convergence. Head over here and play it. If you have a minute, we’d love to hear what you think!

> Sean, Ray and Mike

*(Is a game every really finished?)


5 thoughts on “Convergence

  1. Great game! I really am amazed (and a bit jealous) at people like you guys who can tell stories through games. Makes people like me kinda obsolete. xD

    But anyways great job and I hope to see more of your games! 😀

    • Thanks for the compliment! I can’t imagine a world where writers would be obsolete. I’ve started checking out your work – specifically Sector 12 (FF7 nod?). Nascent was very cool; I like what you did with the abstraction. Personally, it reminded me a little of the stuff in Cosmicomics, but that’s because I read it as a personification of the big bang.


      • Haha, thanks for reading my work as well. Sorry i took so long to reply too. Been busy. xD

        Ah, no I actually didn’t play FF7. I just thought of 12 since 1 + 2 = 3 and three is a holy number for me at least. Cosmic sort of way.

        Nascent was my first written work actually! I’m glad you liked it. Haven’t read anything from Cosmicomics, but I will check it out. But hey, you can read it as anything really. I made the setting as vague as possible. xD

        Thanks again for reading my work and sorry for the late reply. Keep up the good work with your games! 🙂

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